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病理诊断专家:Tahseen I. Al-Saleem, MD 日期:2012/10/10 来源:医生在线


  我选择在Fox Chase工作是因为我喜欢肿瘤病理和热爱这个学术氛围。工作中最开心的就是与其他同事的合作,有病理专家、临床医生及研究人员。这就可以解释我为什么在Fox Chase工作长达15年。  医学的进步已逐渐改变了我们对癌症的理解以及治疗方式。一个***全面的诊断不仅对患者来讲意义非常,对临床治疗医生也十分重要。作为一个病理专家,我很乐意与其他同事合作。只有准确的病理,临床医生制定的治疗方案才最有效,预后也更好一些。

  I chose to work at Fox Chase because I like oncologic (cancer) pathology and love the institutional environment. The best part of my job is interaction with other colleagues: pathologists, clinicians and researchers. That is why I’ve stayed at Fox Chase for more than 15 years.

  Advances in medicine have improved the way in which we understand cancer and deal with it. An accurate, comprehensive diagnosis means everything to the patients who come here as well as the physicians who plan their treatment. As a pathologist, I enjoy working with the other physicians because they count on our accuracy in order to get best results in cancer management and for future progress in the field.

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